We Provide an Awesome and Affordable Pre-Kindergarten Program for Busy Families in Colorado Springs


We Provide Awesome and Affordable
Pre-Kindergarten for Busy Families in Colorado Springs

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The benefits of early childhood education go beyond preschool and include Pre-Kindergarten programs that help children transition into elementary school. Our Pre-Kindergarten classrooms for ages 4 years and 5 years help your child confidently transition into and prepare for Kindergarten.

At Springs of Life Children’s Center, we are devoted to partnering with families and caring for your Pre-kindergartener.  Our staff of trained professionals will help your child develop essential Kindergarten readiness skills such as learning shapes and colors, using scissors, writing, letter and number recognition, counting, sounding out letters, reading readiness, following directions, paying attention and developing social skills.

Pre-Kindergarten age is a time of fast growth in both gross motor and fine motor development.  Our curriculum focuses on practicing motor skills such as hopping, throwing, skipping, holding a pencil, stringing beads, copying shapes and building blocks. It is with much care and compassion that our trained teaching staff prepares your Pre-Kindergartener for Kindergarten.  Enroll your little one today!  

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