Dear Staff,
     First, I want to say thanks again for your flexibility and heart to serve!   The important role played by child-care-givers has been brought into clear focus during this pandemic.  YOU ARE TRULY ON THE FRONT LINES OF THIS BATTLE!   I hope you’ve all gotten the chance to watch the “West Side Rag” videos showing thousands of New Yorkers cheering out their windows each night in solidarity and support for all the health care, police, fire and “other” public servants on the front lines in this war.   Guess who is in the “other” category… well many, but it’s you as well!  Cheri and I pray for our center, our testimony and our staff’s health every day.  But in addition to praying, we are incredibly proud of you all.  Take a minute to watch the video and let it sink in the important battle we are in, and the appreciation the country has for your service.
     Second, I want to remind you that we fully support whatever decisions you make to balance protecting your own health against serving others.  I especially urge you to give yourself grace to be served, rather than to serve, if you consider yourself “at risk.”  Our young staff have shown tremendous faith, vision and courage by choosing to care for these precious at-risk kids during this time.   They have voiced a call to service in this season, as they realize this virus targets our elders and those with pre-existing health conditions.  We all know that if you are 24 and healthy, you should still be careful, but it is a fantastic opportunity to serve those we love who are more vulnerable at this time.  But for many “tweeners”, it is difficult to know where the line of faith becomes presumption.  We trust you to make the decision for your own life.  This will be especially important to remember as we watch this virus grow in our home state over the next 2-5 weeks.  Our leadership team is constantly seeking ways to better protect staff who are at-risk (through isolation, sick pay or re-tasking), and we will be announcing new programs this week to financially aid those who cannot, should not, or prayerfully choose not to work.  We will also be providing some level of “we’re proud of you and want to take financial pressures off during time of service” pay increase to all currently serving.  Both will be announced this week.
     About Masks:  The US President and Colorado Governor both issued serious warnings and new instructions this week regarding wearing masks in public.  Here is how it applies to the SLCC work environment.
1)  The new face mask instruction applies whenever we are “in public” or “outside your own home.”  This covers all activities in our center.
2)  It highly suggests, but falls short of ordering, all people to wear masks.
3)  Since we value our staff, and are entrusted with other people’s precious children, SLCC has chosen to fully comply with this new instruction.
4)  Tomorrow, Monday 4/6, has been set aside as a day of transition  meaning all our staff are encouraged to wear masks, and many may actually already have masks.   But it will be understood if some are unable to find or create a scarf, mask or bandanna by Tuesday.
5)  We will use Monday as transition day, with the expectation that all staff will have masks by the beginning of work on Tuesday morning.
6)  If you are unable to create your own mask, some of our staff will be spending the day making masks for our staff that will be available Tuesday morning.
7)  Remember that the idea is cloth, re-washable masks made from a tight-weave material (so they stop moisture droplets, are re-washable, and don’t deplete the heath-care grade store needed by health professionals.
8)  We are not yet sure how/if it will apply to children.  Tomorrow we will search for DHS instructions.  But it seems likely that younger children will be excluded, while families of older children will be required at some point to comply as well.
9)  There are many on-line and how-to videos that show creative ideas for bandannas, scarfs, and even how to make one “No-sew”. They will likely become statements of personality over time, badges of honor, etc.  We have attached two examples, but have fun with your own ideas. You can also contact us by email at, or by calling the HR office at 719.453.0202, if you need one provided for you
     Here are a couple examples of tutorials:
          Sewn surgical mask
          No sew mask
With appreciation,

Pastor Dan